We put our heart in manufacturing,keep our passion on business and make commitement to excellent products.

We put our heart in manufacturing, keep our passion on business and make commitment to excellent products.


——  Innovating  ——
Continuous improvement of R & D capability
The 70 person's professional version of the house has developed more than 500 styles of down garments.
The more than 2000 square meter home textile research and development center has collected various fabrics and filling materials.
Professional team of industry engineers, the import of automation equipment and independent development at the same time, improve efficiency at least 15% per year.
Each factory has an independent laboratory to control the quality of raw materials and accessories into the factory and the production process, continuously reduce the rate of defective products and reduce costs.
Research and development of raw materials

​​​​​​​Functional down&feather research and development: Waterproof down, antibacterial down and green down.

Research and Development of Functional Polyester Products: SoronaR/polyester, Tencel/polyester, Viscose/polyester, Heating Filament, Cooling Filament, Wool Mixture, Bamboo Fiber Mixed Products, etc.

Research and development of high-tech anti fleece fabrics and functional fabrics

Automation realization

Oxygen bleaching combined machine, automatic hanging production line, automatic paving, automatic cutting, automatic weighing and feeding, ultrasonic non-needle quilting production line, automatic needle testing machine, automatic overlapping machine, automatic compression sealing machine, automatic template machine, automatic filling machine

Low carbon environmental protection

Design, manufacture, packaging, logistics chain of green manufacturing management system, continue to improve the proportion of green energy use, material recycling and reduce the proportion of carbon emissions.

——  Social responsibility  ——

humanistic concern

The company has set up a fund for employees' serious illness.

Factory workers regularly hold occupational disease prevention education and physical examination activities.

Every year, the company hold the staff and workers'games, tea parties, annual meetings, outings and other Youth League activities, a daily fruit during tea break

Practise all directions and export China to create wisdom China's intellectual creation

There are over 3000 employees in 2 large modern garment factories in Burma and Yangon.

——  Go abroad  ——